Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Greg Capullo's Working on a Secret New Project with Scott Snyder after Millar's Reborn

Panels at cons are usually interesting and sometimes they're fun, but Greg Capullo brought an energy to his Q&A at Fan Expo Canada that I've never seen before. I walked into the room knowing that Capullo looked like a biker dude and that his biceps could crush my brain if he flexed (he told a lot of his story on a couple of Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast and it's obvious that he's not like most artists or writers). What surprised me was the effort he put into engaging with his fans. He spent most of the panel walking up to audience members to hand them the mic and shake their hands.

Early on, Capullo mentions coming back to DC on a new book with Scott Snyder [tentatively titled DC Metal], suggesting that the writer got jealous after seeing pages of Reborn, Capullo's upcoming Image project with Mark Millar, which he describes as "Lord of the Rings/Road Warrior kinda crazy stuff". Look for Reborn #1 on shelves October 12, 2016.

Watch the video to hear what Greg Capullo thinks about the dark places Scott Snyder took their historic Batman run, why he stayed on Spawn for so many years, and what Todd McFarlane told him that keeps him from doing team books again after his old days on X-Force.

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