Friday, September 21, 2018

All the things you can ask Sphero Spider-Man

spider-man eyes

Anyone who is the proud ally/sidekick to Sphero Spider-Man knows that he doesn't do any of the things a spider can. He doesn't swing, jump, stick to walls, or shoot webs, but he's pretty great at keeping an eye out for intruders, telling stories, and quipping. He's no J.A.R.V.I.S., but there's a long of list of commands that Spidey will respond to... you just have to know what to say. 

The accompanying iOS and Android apps have some sample commands and questions on a few of the screens, but most of them can only be found by trying to guess what the development team at Sphero decided to implant in his little web head.

Trying to guess what to ask Sphero Spider-Man can get tiresome, so here's a list of the ones I've discovered. If you know any Sphero Spider-Man commands that aren't here, please share them in the comments and I'll update the post.

Hang Out screen


Tell me a joke
Let's chat
Tell me a story

team up screen


Practice our skills

fight villains screen


Fight some bad guys

guard mode screen


Activate "Guard Mode"

Stand down


Activate "Watch with Me"
(when you start watching an episode of Marvel's Spider-Man)

watch with me ad


? ?
Let's chat. Sweep the room.
Stand down. ?
Go to sleep. Shut up.
Be quiet. With great power comes great responsibility.
What's your secret identity? Do you know Peter Parker?
? ?
? ?
How old are you? ?
How did you get your powers? Who are your parents?
? ?
What day is it? What time is it?
How are you? ?
Where do you live? ?
? ?
What's your spider sense saying? Do you know Batman?
What's your favorite color? Who made your costume?
? What's your favorite food?
What's up? ?
? Who's your best friend?
Who's your favorite super hero? Where do you go to school?
Do you have a girlfriend? ?
? Do something.
How do you work? How's school?
Say something. What are you?
? ?
What's my super power? ?
What's my name? ?
Set the alarm. ?
What's your battery level? Turn the volume down.
Turn the volume up. Tell me about Mysterio.
Tell me about Electro. Tell me about Doc Ock.
Tell me about Kraven. Tell me about Lizard.
Tell me about Venom. Tell me about Vulture.
Tell me about Carnage. Tell me about Green Goblin.
Do you know Harry Osborn? How is Aunt May?
How is Uncle Ben? Do you know the Avengers?
Do you know Iron Man? Do you know Tony Stark?
Do you know Thor? Do you know Captain America?
Do you know Black Widow? Do you know Hawkeye?
Do you know Hulk? Do you know Bruce Banner?
Do you know Black Panther? Do you know the Winter Soldier?
Tell me about J. Jonah Jameson


Make me laugh
Let's have some fun

What's on the scanner?
Good morning

What's the crime report?
Let's go on patrol
Wanna play a game?

Guard my room

Can you speak louder?
Can speak quieter?
*shake him*

Who are you?
Is your spider sense tingling?
Let's dance (2 different responses)
Tell me about Dr. Otto Octavius
Do you know Natasha Romanov?
Do you know Steve Rogers?

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